W O R K S  O N  P A P E R
The Seer
Figures w/ Sculptures
Ancient Mystery Inside
Hal on Couch
Worried Man
Tea Party
3-Ring Circus Sideshow
Desert Dance 2
A Secret Place
Dualistic Duel
Couple on Bed
Impregnation Series #2
Impregnation Series #3
In Black & White
Orgy Form
Emanations 2
Hot Night in NY
Inner Dance
Woman Looking in Mirror
Costa Rican Still-Life
City Late Night
Night Fevor
Window Shopping Dance
Subway Dance
Val on Floor with Mirror
Noah in Blankets
Knight in Times Square
Locker Room
Life Dance #7
Life Dance #4
Life Dance #9
Birth Rape
Essence Dance
Kohoutek's Vision
Man in Cube with Window
Metacarpal Metaphysics
Dream #909
Modern Drama 3
Dream Drama 9
The Gossips
A Little, Little, Little Hope
Jungle Portrait
Top of Manuel Antonio
Bird's Eye View
Pulling the Strings
Dancers in Lights
Relational Phenomenon
Study of Zorn 2
Family System in Orbit
Woman in Mirror
Grabbing the Late Show
Shopping Dream 7
Shopping Dream #9
Sister # 1
Sister # 2
Sister # 3
Group Work
Water Water Everywhere
Summer's Lament
True Colors
Hiding Blue
Jailed Nude w/ Shadows
City Summer

While making prints, I fell in love with fine handmade rag paper, and made the early decision to work only on "good paper". Without a real value for a well-made rag paper, many a "good drawing" will be cursed to live it's life on inferior materials. Fine paper is sensual and respects the ink and color. Working on a great piece of paper inspires me to make a work of art deserving of the fine paper it is on. But if that does not happen, then I accept the risk of using a good piece of paper as the cost to seriously make my art.

The works in this presentation are varied in their themes and media (acrylic paint; charcoal; India ink; ink wash; printing inks on monotypes, lithographs, etching; colored pencil; water color; pencil, charcoal, and mixed media); but the one thing they all have in common is they are all works on paper.