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Portraits & Shapes

M  o  n  o  t  y  p  e  s

This series of monotypes reflect my interest in mark-making & figuration; and my interest in the inner and outer relationships found in my "Cut-Outs". In these monotypes, I cut shapes out of metal, painted images on them, and then printed them on the paper. Using these metal shapes leaves their plate-mark embossed into the paper, and cleanly defines the cut-out as a window, which emphasizes the paper's surface in contrast with the inner space.
I view each cut-out shape as a stand-alone, complete small abstract work, with "beautiful mark-making" and textures as the subject. But also embedded within each cut-out image, is a suggested facial feature, so that when all of the shapes are printed and viewed together, one complete portrait is realized. Many of these images feel Cubistic because there are multiple parts and perspectives of a person in one single piece.
 View on phone in the landscape position, full screen
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