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S   T   O   N   E     P   E   O   P   L   E

In 2018 I gave myself the challenge to find a natural occurring rock sphere. After looking for several weeks I found my first round rock and others followed. To add to the challenge I began looking for a pyramid and a cube as well. After two years I now have all three: a stone sphere, cube and pyramid, all in the same scale.

CubeTriangleSphere c.jpg

During my search over these two years, I kept seeing human faces starring back at me in the rocks and I started collecting these naturally occurring figurative stones as well. As the collection grew, so did their collective voice, and now they speak to us directly. Questions began forming like: Why is the human form so prevalent in rocks?  What is the connection between the biological world and the mineral world? What is the purpose and message of the Stone People?  What is their relationship to humanity?  Why now and what do we need to learn?


Maybe it is a wake up call, as we are now threatened by a new virus. Some scientists believe man’s degradation of the natural environment has compromised Nature's perfect balance that keeps life-threatening events like the Covid-19 virus in-check. It now appears this virus was created in a laboratory. Whether it was created by man or by nature, as the natural environment deteriorates, more natural occurring viruses will be unleashed. The earth's biology is fragile and we may reach a tipping point, where something could be unleashed into the environment, a critical mass, that could threaten all life on Earth and we would be helpless to stop it. 


It is time we know the state of our environment and protect it and ourselves, once and for all. Maybe the Stone People can help?   Please look and listen to their message and share your thoughts and feelings.

Virtual Art Reception on Zoom

 April 29, 2020  7:30 - 8:00 PM  

On cell view in the landscape position, full screen
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