My photography explores the same concerns and interests I have in my paintings. I want to make "painterly photographs", and play with pictorial space (inner/outer) through composition, color, and focus. I am always interested in creating rich textures and beautiful abstract mark-making.
In my Water Nymph Series, I used the female form in water, to increase opportunity for unexpected textures and spatial ambiguities. I play with the outdoor surface reflections; depth of field and focus, to create spatial tension and confusion.  Combine the beautiful female figure and the mysteries of water, and the results are unique surprises. I like to celebrate the beautiful textures and designs that exist all around us.
In my SPIME WARP series, I am playing with both space and time, and creating a new kind of Cubism that exists in real time, resulting in some very unusual photos, created in-camera, in one shot.
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