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This is the cover of my new book, published in 2018. It is 8.5" x 11", 210 pages, with color inside,10 drawings; 11 paintings and monotypes; 7 photographs; and 9 original illustrations. This text is the result of my journey: to learn "to see" and express myself as an artist; and through my esoteric studies, establishing some basic laws, understandings and tools as the foundation for my life-long study of the creative process. This book is a compilation of the experiences, events, teachings, and understandings gained from my creative work as an artist; and from my "inner creative work" revealing a more objective understanding of the creative process and its connection to higher consciousness. 

To purchase a signed and numbered book from this limited, First Edition,

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Thanks for your interest in my work.

Book Cover.jpg

In 2000, I published my book,

SUBWAY RIDERS: A Selection of Ink Drawings Produced on the NYC Subway 1983 -1996

(Full color, soft cover; 86 pages; and 76 ink drawings. A limited number books remain)

To purchase a signed book,
click the order now button below. 

Thanks for your interest in my work.

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