I N K  D R A W I N G S
Domestic Drama
City Solitude
Mother and Daughter
Study of Zorn
Study of Cezanne
Studies at Met #4
Calder study at Whitney
Boston Museum Sculpture Study
Rembrandt at Fogg Museum
Austrian Study #4
Mask #7 2012
Mask #6 '93
mask 3
Mask #4 '90
mask 1 '89
Mask #2 '85
Mask #1 '81
Faces Behind Facade
Salzberg Studies #2
Veselkas, East Village
My Emily in Car Seat
Not in Landscape
Josh Kligerman, Mexico City
Jonathan Schwaber, RIP
Juan in Cozumel
Margaritte von Breison
Carla in East Village, NYC
"Sunshine" ABQ, NM
"Chief" Ferry Boat, Belize
Ed Roskowski (Rosco)
Chillin' in St.Croix
Andre the Poet - Park Slope
Kiev lady
View from Prommonade
Suzy Boshwit NYC
Jason, ABQ
Belesario Contreras
Hagen Asleep
Iris Adler Rubin NYC
Washington Square Park, NYC
P. Noland Smith NYC
Maxine in Chinatown, NYC
Margaritte von Brieson
Rose at the Whitney NYC
St. Marks Place Stoop
Valerie in Aix-en-Provence
Chris & Val in Paris
Noah in Mexican Chair
Noah 7 Years Old
Noah in Boca Grande
Noah in Boca Grande #2
Sam Reading
Village Cigar
Al Wiles in Seattle
David Baca in Santa Fe
Henry Gallery Hopping in Soho
Suzanne Seghair in Austria
Katie at Wurzweiler
Pushkin Sleeping in Taos,NM
Pushkin Asleep w/Jet-Lag
Neil Eldridge in ABQ
Baby in Restaurant
Michael Capeless on Baja Trip
Hilario Hernandez in Cozumel
Nancy Kowzikowski in NYC
Ou Mi Shu in ABQ
Man w/Stripe Shirt om Subway
Sleeping Man in Parker on Subway
Women on Subway
Dean, Subway Rider
Subway Rider
Reading at the Living Room
Kunst Hall, Switzerland
Study at the Ear Inn, NYC
Couple on Beach - Costa Rica
Woman in Chair Bradley Beach
Artist at Work
Artist at Work 2
Artist at Work 3
Figure Studies
Man & Wife
Desert Dance
New Mexico/New York
Time Square Fantasy
Cityscape with Ganster
People with Head Balloons
Shopping Dreams
W Stack 33
Fettish Night
People in the Plumbing
Inner Figures Reaching Out
Obstruction Stairway
Outer Figure in Repose
Fairy Tale
Figure Comp #2
Figure Comp #4
Figure Comp #5
Split Spaces
Split Spaces 2

I N K  D R A W I N G S

I believe the most fundamental skill a visual artist must develop is the ability “to see.” This is the physical development, using our senses, light/color, space and form. It is about the edges, shapes, positive and negative space, perspective, scale, etc. Without learning to see, there is no understanding of the relationships between all the visual elements, and drawing from life is an essential discipline to learn how to see. Drawing from life creates a link between hand and eye, and between the outer world and our perception of it. I use drawing to explore ideas, people, places and things.  When I draw in ink, I cannot erase and this helps me to let my line flow and record the character of the moment.

Besides drawing from life, I have two other areas of attention that have become part of my artistic practices. The first is that I start a drawing with no preconception or agenda in order to discover new ideas and images that spring from a blank page. Many times it begins with a wandering line. This form of discovery is difficult and needs continual practice too. I understand this part as the emotional risk.
And my third area of practice, with my drawings as well as with other media, is to revisit themes and ideas already of interest and expressed, to discover new connections, meanings, and variations. This for me is the
intellectual part of the process, by understanding how to bring ideas into the material world.
My best images are the product of these three different disciplines, and when viewed together they create a clearer understanding and more complete vision of my work and  my creative process.