​I have been working as an artist in Red Hook, Brooklyn, for the past 37 years. Drawing has been my most important medium, where I explore ideas, people, places and things. I like working directly from the landscape (En Plein Air) as it requires being in the moment,  seeing, and drawing. I also like the process of discovery, and inventing images too. 


My life-long interest in philosophy, esoteric knowledge, and the advances in physics have provided many powerful ideas to ponder about the nature of reality. This has generated much content in my art. I use metaphors like windows and masks to help me describe and express an "inner and outer” self-experience. Over the years, the content in my art has evolved reflecting my evolving understanding of creationcreativity and transformation. Focusing on this, there is one body of work I call, "Esoteric Realism" which includes the series: Obstructions; Inner Figures; and Cut-Outs; plus other life content including: thoughts, emotions, birth, death, sexuality, relationships, creativity, human consciousness and transformation. (See Esoteric Realism).

For me the creative process is not simply a linear one but more like a web; akin to the Internet where everything is connected yet discovering these links is a journey of tangled, interrelated threads and revelations. Certain themes and ideas have been evolving over many years, where I keep cycling back to them. These evolving ideas are not sequential in their creation, so they come and go all entangled in my time-line.  My ideas flow into my work, often uninvited and in their own time. Understanding this, I must be patient and receptive, but also be decisive and ready to act in a fleeting moment. 

In some work I consider myself a Post Abstract Expressionist, because I am also interested in mixing figuration with gestural abstraction, and creating spatial tensions and contradictions (see Group Therapy). I like images with a strong inner/outer relationship where I can push, pull and contradict space. 


I work with light and dark to define and obscure the form (see "Chiarobscuro").


I like to play with space in a Neo-Cubistic way, challenging the logic of visual perception and conventional perspectives.


My creative journey is one of self-expression, discovery, and the development of important ideas and understandings. The creative process requires there be the inherent risk, of not knowing the outcome when you begin. Accepting this insecurity has taught me the meaning of "faith" in pursuit of my art.


Striving for consistency is not an end in itself, and celebrating the variety and unpredictable nature of life can bring in many new influences. When people ask about style, I tell them it is not an end in itself and will be understood by historians who will create their theories long after I am gone and my catalogue complete.

The work presented here represents years of cross-pollinating my many different mediums, experiences, understandings and themes. In most of my images, there is a deeper esoteric content expressing the complexity of human emotions; and ideas about the purpose of creativity and its relationship with the transformation of consciousness (level of being).